z@ss European-style zinc alloy double bed, bedroom, TV wall lights , E

  • High quality zinc alloy arms: the use of nano-plating, s light ornate gold plated technology, with high toughness and strong pressure, with superior corrosion resistance.
  • Simple design, versatile space, uniform soft light and losing atmosphere.
  • Its style and performance proved to be of great value and attractiveness in new and retrofit the best choice for families.
  • If you want more lighting options, please click on our brand name.
  • High quality zinc alloy lamp body: selection of jade-zinc alloy mix, after more than 10 process coordination, more natural, extraordinary character.

Shade material: glass

Lamp specifications: E14

Dimension: 230*110 (mm)

Style: Continental

The main scope of: hotels, den, bedroom, living room, hallway

Transformer: electronic transformer

Lamp shapes: petal lamp

Without light bulbs

Lowest Price: £160.49
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