Wooden frame glass hourglass timer creative novelty products creative ornaments home furnishings birthday gifts , 30 minutes

  • Material: wood + glass
  • Easy timer – can be used as a simple timer instead of the exact clock.
  • Enhance personal beauty – unique and creative style to bring you a beautiful enjoyment, and the flow of sand will guide your heart calm.
  • Basic home accessories – can be for you and your fireplace, desk, coffee table, bookshelf, antique cabinet, etc., release decent, elegant, relaxed and happy feeling.
  • Gift of the best choice – birthday, wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and all the perfect gift of the festival.

Product Name: Wooden frame glass hourglass timer

Material: wood + glass
Production process: blowing
Surface technology: polishing
Pendulum form: ornaments
Style: Pastoral
Modeling: abstract
Packing: carton packaging

Applicable scenes: home, living room, bedroom, study, office

Product scenario:

Boys to send girls hourglass is: wait, cherish the time do not waste youth.

Girls to send the boys like the hourglass is: the passage of time, youth short, I hope you to cherish their own.

Different colors of the hourglass on behalf of: white on behalf of health; purple on behalf of grade; pink on behalf of naive; blue on behalf of vitality.

White hourglass: growing gift, giving you love and moving.

Blue hourglass: the vitality of life, according to Yiyi farewell.

Purple hourglass: noble love, steady, accompanied by life.

Yellow hourglass: represents the passage of purity and friendship hope time, the purity and friendship hidden in the bottom of my heart.

Pink hourglass: Represents naive

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