Wandun European-Style Bedroom Nightstand Lamps Vintage Wrought Iron Wall Lamp

  • Stylish wall light ?High quality wall lamp
  • Detailed embellishments really add to the sophistication and elegance of this piece
  • Because it is factory direct supplier, the price is cheap?
  • Our quality ahead of the industry.
  • Because of the distance, we do not contain bulbs, should contain light bulbs, that is, we give you the test to use, bulbs should be damaged, no longer replacement.

Intelligent type: other
Lampshades and auxiliary material: cloth
Lamp body material: iron
Auxiliary lamp body material: iron
Shade material: cloth
Type of light source: incandescent and energy saving lamps LED
Technique: paint Scrubs
Illumination area: 5-10 meters
Lighting without light: without light
Voltage: 111V~240V (included)
Available space: living room dining room bedroom bathroom kitchen the study/other
Style: Continental

Lowest Price: £46.00
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