Single Room Bed Bug Killer Treatment Spray and Powder Kit (Professional Products now available for Amateur Use)

  • We are delighted to offer a Bed Bug treatment and Killer Kit, featuring larger than standard products. A safe and complete treatment for a small bedroom suffering a bed bug infestation.
  • 1 x 500ml Protector C Bed Bug Killer Spray Protector C spray is a government approved Bed Bug Killing spray for safe application in the home. Spray carpets, sofas, mattresses, inside drawers and cupboards and the Bed Bug Killer spray will soak in providing protection for up to 6 weeks. No staining and no smell means you can use on all furnishings with no concerns. Safe for children and Pets alike. Once the spray is dry, children and pets can re-enter a treated room.
  • 1 x 400g Residex P Bed Bug Powder: A Bed Bug Killing Powder to be applied to where liquids cannot; including near plug sockets and where wiring is present. Can also be applied to skirting areas to seal a room from further infestation.
  • We offer only HSE approved and licensed Bed Bug Killer Kits for safe and effective use in the home. After years of scientific research, we have combined the most effective Bed bug killing products and other products to offer complete kits to kill bed bugs in the home – at a fraction of the price of Professional Pest Controllers without sacrificing on potency and effectiveness.
  • Simple to use, safe to use and proven to work!

Simple to use, Safe to use and proven to Kill Bed Bugs.

Lowest Price: £16.99
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