Reinforcement Metal – Duckbill Buckle Widened Thicker Canvas Hammock Outdoor Bedroom Leisure Home Child Swing Hammock ( Color : 2 , Size : 190*150cm )

  • Good quality – high quality canvas fabric, light, soft and breathable, no smell, do not fade, light easy to carry, smooth and comfortable.
  • Robust and good resilience – the fishtail knitting method, the ortho-tie process; the rope inside the metal ring, to prevent the rope break; load the force evenly, bearing location, safety, long service life, Maximum load of up to 180 kg.
  • Versatile and easy to carry – Easy to hang and remove, put indoors like terraces, balconies, etc., outdoors like garden, campgrounds, etc .. Easy to carry storage with light structure and the same material of the outer bag.
  • Delivery time 10-15 days.
  • Our products have excellent quality and reasonable price,you deserve with it.

Product Name: Hammock

Size: 190 * 80cm / 190 * 150cm

◆ Material: cotton + polyester fiber

◆ Weight: about 1.15kg

◆ load: 120 / 200kg

Suitable for use: outdoor camping, park excursions, beach Muyang, home leisure, dormitory bedroom

Features: strong, easy to carry

Tips: 1, this hammock in the use of fixed positions at both ends of the time, please try to avoid the trunk, stakes, irons and other more sharp position, to avoid the use of a long time in the process of friction caused by rope break, and please Do not shake vigorously, causing the rope to break and fall easily.

2, it is recommended to set the ground height of not more than 0.8m

3, shooting props are not sold.

Binds the height of the two to be equal, keep the hammock smooth.

4, two tube when used, to be covered in the bottom of the protective pad, so as not to hurt.

5, when lying in the hammock, the body to maintain a balance with the hammock.

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