HOOM-Hanging chair rattan balcony bedroom home swing,Hanging chair

  • The principal use of Environmental protection rattan material?Hand-precision madea and Comfortable for you
  • For villa garden, terrace, tea, lawn, with outdoor seating and beach, Bar Street, Commercial Street, property, lakeside fishing, friends party.It is a very good sunshade and tourism products.
  • The product has a smooth surface, closely rugged, lightweight design, wear utility.It is in and out of the Optimization Products
  • Arc-shaped comfortable backrest armrest back one stack design the ergonomically designed to sit on seat more comfortable.
  • Maintenance methods in use and store,:Plese do not store it near fire, heat and long time under the scorching sun; It available light salt water to dampen a soft cloth to wipe the stain, you can leave the flexibility. Do not use a damaged rattan furniture surface of the cleaners or solvents wipe and avoid contact with the possibilities for wounding the chair

Material: rattan furniture sets
Number of applicants: 1
Shape: Oval
Is it possible to customize: no?
Category: hanging basket / swing
Style: Pastoral

Lowest Price: £516.81
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