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  • Creative change of life, more than a little comfort.
  • Delivery Time 10-15 days
  • Return range 30 days
  • Please contact us if you can not receive the order after 30 days
  • Product size is manual measurement, there may be an error of less than 5 cm, hope your understanding.

OUR goods are taken in kind, but because of the light, the display may be due to the actual color photo slight deviation, please prevail in kind.
Material: polyester
Color: Gray
Size: 120 * 170cm, 140 * 200cm, 160 * 230cm
Style: simple home
Process: machine weaving
1, to avoid and other dark fabrics with washing, to prevent staining, select the neutral detergent, avoid soaking
The first washing may be off point floating color, does not affect the color of the product
2, washing machine selection of soft washing, the opposite air, to avoid exposure
3, storage choice dry place, avoid damp moldy, bogey and rough or acidic, alkaline substances
4, when ironing mat, avoid aurora.

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