Creative Multi-storey Solid Wood Living Room Bedroom Balcony Flower Rack Floor Basket Green Radish Flower Frame Wooden Planter Frame ( Size : L )

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Details: The installation instructions are provided to provide a simple installation tool
Whether the assembly: assembly
Style positioning: art style
Gross weight: 3KG
Design elements: do the old logs antique stitching
Category: M: small, L: large
Style: pastoral
Pattern: plant flowers
Additional features: disassembly
Furniture structure: stent structure
Material: wood
Structural technology: wood technology
Wood structure process: smoke, carbonation
Can be customized: No
Size: M: 84 * 80 * 20cm, L: 114 * 90 * 25cm
Accessories: 12 angle screws, 12 nuts, a gift to install a small tool
Quantity: 1
Note: Products are delivered disassembled, not as a whole, which means you need assemble on your own.
Note: We only sell flower racks

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